Pamela Vona conducts international seminars, lectures, workshops, retreats, courses and personal assistance on the following topics and more, using Regressions and many other techniques acquired studying in three continents:


  • A new way to age
  • Anxiety
  • Choose to Change
  • Conferences and practices in Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary Schools
  • Deep Meditation
  • Deeper understanding of spiritual matters
  • Depression
  • Divorce
  • Equilibrate Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Explore and cultivate the extraordinary potential that exists within us all
  • Exploring your Past to live greater Health, Joy, and Peace Now and in your Future
  • Fears
  • Health and Healing
  • Holistic Health
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Faith can Heal: How and why
  • Hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Regression Techniques
  • Identifying Energy "Vampires" and the consequent disconnection from them
  • Leadership & Work
  • Learning Acceptance of deeply Traumatic Experiences (suicides, tragic accidents, catastrophic events...)
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Mindfulness Practices for Children
  • New Sciences
  • Overcome the Fear of Death
  • Overcome your Addictions
  • Past Life Regression
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Progressions / Progressive Meditations
  • Recognize the Signs from Departed Loved Ones
  • Recurring Nightmares
  • Regression in the neonatal period and the womb
  • Regression to the in-between state
  • Relationships & Family
  • Relationships as a Spiritual Journey
  • Retreats
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Spirituality Health
  • The Healing Power of Breath
  • The Healing Power of Meditation
  • The Healing Power of Words
  • The Intersection of Science & Spirituality
  • The Strong Healing Power of Energy
  • Traumatic brain injuries - help in the reconstruction of the memories 


N.B.: Alternative care, holistic treatments and mind/body practices must be considered a supplement, not a replacement of traditional Western care (allopathic medicine) and established medical treatment programs, past or future.

"MAKING YOUR LIFE A SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE" course in English, Spanish, Italian

"MAKING YOUR LIFE A SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE" is a course that lasts years.


The course is intended for anyone interested in "surfing" in the soul, in previous lives, future lives, in the life after death and between lives. It is also intended for anyone wishing to start or continue a very exciting spiritual journey.


You get the feeling that life continues after death? 
Do you perceive a world full of spiritual meanings? 
Are you struggling to give answers to some spiritual matters? 
Do you want to find out the source of any discomfort, feeling better?
You want to find answers to questions that no one ever answered you?
More simply, are you curious about something that is not easily understandable? 
Well, this is the seminar for you.


Nothing is dull or heavy. You will learn through personal experience and that of others and through questions and answers, healing through regressions, progressions, meditations and visualizations.


The process starts from a very simple basic level and, with time, you will reach very high levels of knowledge and awareness.


This course is open to all those who want to embark themselves on a spiritual journey based on personal experience. “Experience to understand”, this is the motto of this journey that begins each  January and June every year.


This “journey” together also has the intention of creating a group of people who want to be the difference they want to see in others.


The first sessions of the course will address the following topics (this is a general program, changes can occur at any time):


1. Deep relaxation, instructions on the breath & meditation instructions
2. Everyone is a medium. Psychometry experiments 
3. Opening the chakras with colour & connecting with your spiritual being
4. Chakras guide
5. Tracing & letting go of blocks
6. Communicating with your body
7. Reclaiming your face & your body
8. Pain relief
9. Healing & self-healing
10. Colour healing
11. Building spiritual & emotional endurance
12. Relaxation with regression to childhood
13. Examine the judgement experience from other people since your childhood
14. Examine & transform the judgements you have about other people
15. Healing & dealing with loss (death, ending of a relationship or any emotional abandonment)
16. Open your heart to someone you feel the need to forgive
17. Healing meditation to erase past mistakes and remorse
18. Self-forgiveness, an essential part of the healing process
19. Self-love
20. Psychic self-defense, why you are vulnerable to others people’s negative energies
21. Sourcing your self-image
22. Unhooking, releasing people who are affecting, manipulating or controlling your energy
23. Change old negative beliefs and feelings about yourself into new and positive ones
24. Training you in seeing both the light and dark side of other people. Open your third eye, the 6th chakra.
25. Strengthening your aura
26. Body scan, sensitize your hands & use them to scan the energy emanations coming from another person’s body.
27. Chakras scan
28. Distant healing
29. Healing the world soul
30. Creating a new life
31. Discover if there was a time when you gave away your heart to someone you loved
32. Coping with change
33. Courage & commitment
34. Trusting your truth
35. See yourself and your life with new eyes
36. Out of Body Experiences (O.B.E.)
37. Mediumship
38. Intuitive sensing, opening your gifts of intuition: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy & direct knowing
39. Remote viewing
40. Esoterism
41. Paranormal Investigations
42. Spiritualism
43. Cryptozoology
44. ITC Interdimensional
45. Investigation and research on UFO sightings
46. Find out deceptions and fraud on these topics.




This Course can be held directly by Pamela Vona in EnglishSpanishItalian.
The Course can be followed in English and in Italian also online by videoconference.


Each day is divided into three sessions:

1) Questions and Answers on general spiritual matters interesting for the group; 

2) Regressions / Progressions / Meditations / Visualizations targeted to a theme or Explanation of a subject on study.

3) For those who wish, sharing and debate on personal experience just lived. Share your experience is never mandatory.


Duration of each meeting: 3 hours.

Twice morning per week.


To attend every meeting it is not mandatory, despite being a well-defined path in stages in knowledge.

For more detailed information, please contact us via private message.





Pamela Vona,

Research Fellow of Science in Hypnotherapy  

Holds an Experiential Workshop in your Country in:

Past Life Regression – Future Life Progression

Energetic Healing and Self-Healing

Pamela Vona's Intuitive Regression Method ©

Healing Meditations and Visualizations

Reconnective Healing



Please, contact the staff to get news about seminars in your country

or to arrange a workshop in your city:





09:00 to 10:00 Registration and Admission into the room.

The seminar will begin at 10:00 am.

It will not be possible to access to the room after this time.

10:00 to 13:00 Workshop

1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Break

14:00 to 19:00 Workshop




The seminar will begin at 10:00 am.

It will not be possible to access to the room after this time.

10:00 to 13:00 Workshop

1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Break

14:00 to 19:00 Workshop


Practical suggestions:

Space is limited and workshop fills up quickly. Please book in advance.

We recommend comfortable clothing.

Optionally - not required nor necessary - you can bring a yoga mat to use during the group regressions.

The seminar is extremely intense, will hardly be possible intermediate pauses.

The first day is a preparation for participation in the second day.



(changes in the program may be possible without prior notice):

DAY 1:

- Hypnosis = an ancient science, a safe science.

- The 4 types of Hypnosis.

- Levels of Hypnosis and Resistance. Beta / Alpha / Theta / Delta Waves.

- Who is Dr. Brian Weiss?

- What hypnosis is?

- What Hypnosis is NOT! - Frequently Asked Questions and doubts about hypnosis, hypnotism and hypnotherapy 

- Indications and Contraindications about the Regression Technique.

- Schizophrenia or Spiritual Emergency?

- The Healing Power of Past Lives Memories.

- Effects of hypnosis in comparison with Psychoanalysis and Behavioural Therapy. 

- An important element about Conscious and Unconscious.

- Hypnosis for children and teens. Save the children from Methylphenidate!

- Reincarnation, Fantasy, Allegories, Metaphors, Collective Unconscious ...

- Meditation - Visualizations - Healing and Self-Healing - Healing Energy. 

- Explanation of three techniques for the subsequent demonstration and experience of the audience:

1. Two fingers hypnotic technique for children

2. Group Hypnotic Induction (technique of Dr. Brian Weiss)

3. Instant Hypnosis! 

- Why Pamela Vona, Research Fellow of Science in Hypnotherapy, among the many techniques, prefers Past Life Regression and Reconnective Healing.

- PRACTICE = Test your chance to be hypnotized.

- PRACTICE = Psychometrics Experiments through an object and a photograph.

- PRACTICE = Demonstration and experience of the audience: Two fingers technique for the kids.

- PRACTICE = Experience of the audience: Meditation with Flowers and Colours 

- PRACTICE = Path of the Life: Introjection Test (Essential test before a Past Life Regression).

- PRACTICE = Learn how to protect yourself! Protect your Aura... Do not let anyone or anything steal your energy!

- PRACTICE = Group Regression to Past Lives.

- PRACTICE = Instant Induction Techniques. Demonstration and experience of volunteers in the hall.

- Questions and Answers. Do you have any questions about something that you perceive or live, but you do not know how to define?

Do you want to know something about Reincarnation, Human Evolution ...

Ask me anything, maybe I can help you...


DAY 2:

- PRACTICE = How to open the Third Eye. Learn the more effective and faster technique.

- PRACTICE = Face to Face Experiment 

- PRACTICE = Progression to the Future.

- PRACTICE = Guided meditation to the Temple of the Seven Sages.

- Scientists say: Death does not exist! And we can find evidence through our unconscious.

- Cameron Macaulay, the boy who remembers his past life. Approximately 30 minutes movie.

- BARD or Space Between Lives.

- PRACTICE = Regression of the Group through the Gates of Time.

- Forgiving the Past, Living a serene Present and prepare yourself for a better Future

- PRACTICE = Technique Pamela Vona n. 1: Forgiveness, a necessary step for our happiness. What does it mean and how to learn to forgive? Learn it during a practice is easier.

- Self-Hypnosis and Self-healing: a risk-free technique, if done conscientiously.

- PRACTICE: The forest speaks 

- PRACTICE: HEALING OF RECONNECTION, for ourselves and others. Feel the power in your hands.

- PRACTICE: Out Of Body Experience (or projection for those who do not feel ready to deal with OBE = Out of Body Experience) called Astrological Astral Projection. A trip to the stars and all the astrological houses. In each Star Sign, you meet the demigod who controls your destiny, and you can to collect the wisdom of the zodiac signs before returning to Earth with everything you need to know.

Hypnosis and horoscopes are combined with astral projection in an out of body experience, which allows the mind to be open to all possibilities.

- Intuitive Reconnect Regression Method © created by Pamela Vona. A very deep technique.

You will be asked for a volunteer (or volunteers, depending on the time available) for the Practical Demonstration of this innovative technique. Identifying the memories stored in the body through the power of the mind and through the reading of the aura in such a way as to eliminate and live a life of freedom and serenity.

Skeptics? Try it for yourself.